Seismic Retrofitting

Prepare for the Unexpected

Soil Solutions makes it simple to be proactive when it comes to protecting your home against structural earthquake damage. Many older homes may be especially vulnerable to structural failure during a seismic event as they are not directly attached to their foundation. The crawlspace or basement can act as an unstable space between the home and the foundation, causing the structure to be susceptible to sliding or buckling. 
When it comes to earth-shaking events, structural damage is not the only concern. To prepare your home for the next seismic event, Soil Solutions will secure the water heater in your home to prevent dangerous tipping or bursting. We will also install a natural gas shut-off valve to prevent gas leaks as well as potential fire and explosion hazards during seismic activity. 
With modern seismic attachments, Soil Solutions will anchor your home to its foundation, brace the walls between the foundation, and the main floor and connect those walls to the framing. Anchor, Brace, Connect, as simple as ABC! These attachments will create a steadfast connection between the home and its foundation, protecting its structural integrity during a quake.  

Strengthen your readiness and fortify your foundation against seismic stressors! Contact us today to set up an appointment for a free retrofit assessment and learn about the quality, professional seismic services offered by Soil Solutions.

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