• Oregon’s premier tank service provider, honest & reliable
  • Property transaction specialists, tank locating and testing
  • All projects are supervised by onsite DEQ licensed personnel
  • Sewer inspections using digital video equipment
  • Trenchless sewer repair with minimal impact to your landscaping
  • We manage all municipal permits and inspections on your behalf
  • Commercial and residential drainage specialists
  • Experienced with DEQ drywell regulations
  • Repair and installation of rain drains, french drains and rain barrels
  • Radon testing using state-of-the-art continuous monitor measurement
  • Results available immediately, no waiting for lab results
  • Our technicians are licensed by NEHA

Our project managers are customer service experts committed to providing affordable solutions and answers to all your questions. Our field technicians have extensive training and are the best in the industry.


Underground Storage Tanks: A Hidden Threat

Regulatory agencies urge contractors to halt work when tanks turn up unexpectedly. Read more here.


In our interest to promote better business practices throughout the community we formed Kalpa Consulting, a sustainability education and consulting company. Kalpa helps established businesses plan and accomplish this transition.

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